Unconventional Resource Potential Studies

Below you will find a list of the upcoming and current unconventional resource – potential studies that GeoMark offers. These studies evaluate and map the resource potential for oil, condensate, and gas within the study areas and assess the economic importance of each individual play. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about these onshore regional studies. Click Here for a printable version of this chart.

Area / StudyAvailabilityList Price
Appalachian Basin
Appalachian Petroleum System StudyCompleted$75,000
Marcellus Shale Gas StudyCompleted$75,000
New Albany Shale – Illinois BasinCompleted$25,000
Utica / Point Pleasant Resource Potential StudyCompleted$60,000
Rocky Mountains
Bighorn Basin Oil StudyCompleted$30,000
Central Montana Petroleum System Study – Big Snowy TroughCompleted$40,000
Greenhorn/Graneros/Carlile Formation Resource Potential StudyCompleted$45,000
Green River Basin Petroleum System StudyCompleted$75,000
Mowry Shale Resvource Potential StudyCompleted$75,000
Niobrara Formation Resource Potential StudyCompleted$75,000
Niobrara/Mancos of the San Juan Basin Resource Potential StudyCompleted$21,000
SW Wyoming-Utah Thrust Belt and Moxa Arch Oil and Gas StudyCompleted$30,000
Paleozoic Oils of the Rocky Mountains StudyQ2 – 2016$75,000
Powder River Basin Cretaceous Oil StudyCompleted$72,500
Paradox Oil StudyCompleted$25,000
Phosphoria Resource Potential StudyCompleted$65,000
Piceance Basin Petroleum StudyCompleted$35,000
Uinta Basin Petroleum System StudyCompleted$35,000
Wind River Basin Oil Study – Waltman ShaleCompleted$35,000
Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas
Barnett Shale GasCompleted$35,000
Clearfork Petroleum System StudyTBD


Eagle Ford Oil StudyCompleted$35,000
East Texas Oil StudyCompleted


Haynesville Shale Gas Study – North Louisiana / East TexasCompleted$75,000
Lower Texas Gulf Coast Tertiary Resource Potential StudyTBD


Mid-Continent Woodford Petroleum System StudyCompleted$65,000
Midland Basin Barnett-Woodford Petroleum System StudyTBD


Petroleum Geochemistry of Crude Oils from the Permian BasinCompleted$75,000
Southern Louisiana Tertiary (Wilcox) Oil Study TBD


Spraberry Resource Potential StudyQ2 – 2016


Texas / Oklahoma PanhandleCompleted


Upper Texas Gulf Coast Tertiary Resource Potential StudyTBD


Wolfcamp-Cline Resource Potential Study – Permian BasinCompleted$85,000
Wolfcamp-Cline II Resource Potential Study – Permian BasinTBD


Woodford Resource Potential Study – Permian BasinCompleted$75,000
Williston Basin
Bakken Petroleum System StudyCompleted$65,000
Lodgepole & Mission Canyon Petroleum System StudyCompleted$75,000

Ordovician (Red River & Winnipeg) Resource Potential Study

Other – UNITED STATES – Onshore
North Slope Alaska Oil StudyCompleted$34,500
Pacific Northwest – Regional Petroleum GeochemistryCompleted$65,000
Sunniland Formation (S. Florida) Petroleum System StudyCompleted$21,000
GeoMark / BRL Legacy Studies – U.S.
Columbia Plateau Outcrop StudyCompleted$15,000

Michigan Basin Regional Study


Moxa Arch Source Rock Study


Newark Rift Study


Puget Sound Regional Study


Sacramento Basin Source Rock Study


Washington/Oregon Regional Study


Western Montana Overthrust Study


Western Overthrust Study


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