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Leaders in Petroleum Geochemistry

Established in 1991, GeoMark Research is the preeminent geochemical laboratory, providing petroleum fluid analyses to the petroleum industry and offering a full range of source rock, oil, and gas services. Through a combination of analytical services, regional petroleum system studies, and integrated database products, GeoMark provides a full complement of exploration and production services — the only laboratory worldwide to offer this unique combination of geochemical services, studies and databases.

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Analytical Services

GeoMark is dedicated to the advanced measurement of high quality analytical results. We perform a complete range of geochemical analyses including detailed biomarker oil analyses, source rock analyses, gas analyses with carbon isotopes, and PVT analyses. We specialize in fast turn-around-time, designed to meet the drilling needs of companies involved in unconventional horizontal plays.

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Database Products

GeoMark has designed an online geochemical database specifically for the petroleum industry. The Rock & Fluid Database (RFDbase) is a portal for the storage, review and manipulation of petroleum fluid, gas, and source rock analyses. Subscribing companies are able to review the data from any database product, study, and/or proprietary work they have purchased from GeoMark.

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Interpretive Studies

GeoMark has performed nearly 100 regional or research studies in its 20+years of operation. These studies cover virtually every petroliferous basin in the world and draw on the analysis of thousands of source rock, oil, and gas analyses. Our regional studies are an excellent way of assessing the petroleum of a new region, and they are particularly useful for evaluating the overall potential of unconventional resource assessment of an area’s petroleum potential.

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