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GeoMark Research, Ltd.



GeoMark History

We have a long history of continuous growth and ongoing success in the marketplace, earning us the distinction of the petroleum industry’s preeminent rock & fluids laboratory. We achieved this reputation by providing petroleum fluid analyses and offering a full range of source rock, oil, and gas services backed by a breadth of scientific expertise and data-driven knowledge that that spans multiple disciplines and regions around the globe.
GeoMark Research LLC (GeoMark) was founded thirty years ago with the goal of performing regional oil studies in frontier basins.
1991 to 2001
GeoMark performed over 60 individual studies and analyzed over 6,000 oils.
The oil analyses that came from the various studies were used to launch a geochemical database, called OILS (Oil Information Library System).
OILS was rebranded to RFDbase (Rock & Fluid Database), as additional modules were added for Oil, Gas, Source Rock, and PVT analyses.
Tight-rock analyses (TruSat) and petrophysical analyses (XRD, XRF, FTIR) were added to our regional studies and database modules.
GeoMark now has three laboratories that offer clients worldwide a unique combination of geochemical services, studies, and databases.

Success Factors

GeoMark’s success came from hard work, dedication, and laser focus over the years to not only deliver on client requests, but to exceed their expectations. From Day 1, our approach has been to collect a very large suite of produced and seep oil samples that give our researchers and customers a complete look at all the petroleum systems generating hydrocarbon in the basin of interest. We then analyze these oil samples, using a standardized set of detailed oil analysis techniques (biomarkers and stable isotopes). The data are subjected to Principal Component and Hieratical Custer Analysis to determine the number of petroleum systems in a region, and the age and depositional environment of the generating systems. This information is combined with the regional geology to build a petroleum system model of the basin. Ultimately, the resulting reports are licensed to participating companies. Since GeoMark retains ownership of both the analytical results and the physical samples, we have been able to build the largest collection of petroleum reservoir fluid and source rock data from reservoirs around the world.

Looking Ahead

GeoMark continues to grow, with a desire to listen, learn, and deliver what the industry needs, today and tomorrow. We remain committed to high-quality, best practices in our laboratories, with the adoption of emerging technologies and an eye on future trends that will keep improving our offerings.

Ethan Brown


Dr. Alex Zumberge

Executive Vice President

Dr. Kevin Ferworn


Brian Jarvie


Catherine Donohue

Director of Petroleum Data Science

Stephen Brown


Dr. John Zumberge


Graham Spence

Director of Sales

Our Mission

Providing data-driven solutions with the best client experience in the industry.

Our Core Values

We think long-term.

We focus on building relationships, not transactional quick wins.
We maintain our financial health.
We think and respond proactively.

We are transparent and act with integrity in all that we do.

We don’t believe in “Blackbox” methods.
We are honest and upfront in everything we do.
We strive to ensure all agreements with our partners and clients enhance their business as well as our own.

We believe that the unified whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

We believe data is more valuable when put in context.
We cultivate a team of experienced and discipline-diverse technical experts that can approach challenges from multiple perspectives.
We seek comprehensive, integrated solutions that address the root question or problem (internally and externally).
We act as a team and recognize that each member holds unique and vital skills and talents, even when we disagree.
We support our employees as whole people, not just workers.

We believe that our business exists for and because of our clients, and we put them first in all we do.

We hire highly skilled employees, excited by their work, and equip and empower them to serve and delight our clients.
We do our very best to make sure every client interaction is a positive experience that reinforces their decision to use GeoMark.

We are passionate about advancing the science of rock and fluid analyses through research and innovation.

We seek research partnerships with clients through industry-wide consortiums that provide innovative solutions to larger industry challenges.
We believe it is our duty to develop, improve, and advance the science of rock and fluids analyses for the next generation of oil & gas explorers.

GeoMark Locations


9748 Whithorn Drive 

Houston, Texas 77095

Source Rock Lab

218 Higgins Street 

Humble, TX 77338

PVT/Gas Isotope Lab

105 Zonolite Street

Lafayette, Louisiana 70508

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