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GeoMark is dedicated to the advanced measurement of high quality analytical results. We perform a complete range of geochemical analyses including detailed biomarker oil analyses, source rock analyses, gas analyses with carbon isotopes, and PVT Analysis. We specialize in fast turn-around-time, ideally suited to meet the drilling needs of companies involved in unconventional horizontal plays.

Source Rock Analysis

GeoMark offers complete source rock analyses at our source rock laboratory in Humble, Texas. Services include the rapid measurement of total organic carbon (TOC), Rock-Eval Pyrolysis and Thermal Maturity measurements. This laboratory offers analytical packages designed to assist in the assessment of shale wells.

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Oil Analysis

GeoMark offers a full array of physical property and molecular analyses designed to completely evaluate the origin and history of a liquid hydrocarbon sample. All analyses are performed at GeoMark to ensure analytical quality and compatibility.

GeoMark performs a standard but detailed analytical program on all oil samples contained in the RFDbase Database. This standard oil analytical program is recommended for Tech Service samples and includes the following analyses:

  • API Gravity
  • % Sulfur (wt.%)
  • Nickel & Vanadium concentration (ppm)
  • %<C15
  • Liquid Chromatography (SARA) – %Saturate, %Aromatic, %Resin (NSO – Nitrogen, Sulfur, Oxygen), %Asphaltene
  • Whole Oil Gas Chromatography
  • Bulk Stable Carbon Isotopes (Saturate, Aromatic, NSO Fractions & Whole Oil)
  • Bulk Stable Sulfur Isotopes on Whole Oil
  • Compound-Specific Isotope Analysis (CSIA)
  • GC/MS Quantitative Saturate Biomarkers
  • GC/MS Quantitative Aromatic Hydrocarbons

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Gas Analysis

GeoMark’s gas laboratory offers compositional and isotopic analyses designed to:

  • Identify diverse gas sources
  • Evaluate thermal maturity differences in commonly sourced gases
  • Ascertain the magnitude of gas mixing
  • Evaluate and map gas quality

These analyses are effective in evaluating both conventional and unconventional (shale gas, coal bed gas, and tight gas, including basin-centered gas) accumulations.

GeoMark’s standard gas analysis program consists of the following:

  • A detailed chromatographic measurement of the gas composition (as well as carbon and hydrogen stable isotope ratios) measuring nitrogen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, methane, ethane, propane, iso- and normal butane, iso- and normal pentane, hexane, and higher molecular weight components (up to C12 if present).
  • GV GC-IRMS analysis, during which a gas chromatograph (GC) is coupled to a combustion interface and an isotope ratio mass spectrometer (IRMS) in order to measure the composition of methane, ethane, propane, butane, and carbon dioxide. This analysis provides a detailed “fingerprint” of the gas in the reservoir if higher molecular weight homologues are present in more than trace concentrations. Data for very dry gases will be limited to bulk composition and information on the stable hydrogen and carbon isotope composition of methane.

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Mud Gas Isotope Analysis

Mud Gas Isotope Analysis (MGIA) is a gas fingerprinting technique that uses stable isotopic analysis of mud stream gases to evaluate the composition of reservoired hydrocarbons. Rapid delivery allows engineers to efficiently update and modify formation tester sampling programs, and GeoMark offers MGIA on a rapid turnaround basis, collecting mud gas samples on the rig during drilling. Sampling is performed by the mud logger, resulting in little or no additional costs or lost rig time, and samples are sent to the lab for analyses. GeoMark’s PVT and Gas Isotope Laboratory operates on a 24-hour schedule, and Gulf of Mexico samples can be analyzed in near real time.

Carbon isotope analyses are necessary for this service because gas compositions measured by stable hydrogen analysis and conventional mud loggers may be fractionated by the process of liberating the gas from the mud system, especially in oil-based mud systems where significant gas is entrained in the mud stream. By contrast, stable carbon isotopes are not substantially fractionated by mud transport and the degassing process.

MGIA has become crucial to pre-sampling well evaluations and reservoir compartment studies. In exploration wells, MGIA data is used to evaluate vertical communication between zones and to plan sampling programs.

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PVT Analysis

The GeoMark PVT and Gas Isotope Laboratory offers a full range of PVT studies, oil-based mud evaluations and flow assurance screening with rapid turn-around. High resolution compositional analysis can be combined with isotopic measurements and pressure gradients for highly detailed communication studies.

Our PVT services include:

  • Surface separator sampling
  • Transfer of fluid samples from formation test tools
  • Sample restoration
  • Separator sample recombination
  • Complete PVT Analysis
  • Flow assurance testing
  • Smart PVT program for EOS programs
  • PVTMod system for predicting petroleum fluid properties from wireline formation tests
  • Sample storage

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Water Analysis

GeoMark offers a standard “oilfield” water analyses commonly used to identify potential corrosion and scale issues. GeoMark utilizes a wide range of technology designed specifically for water analysis in the petroleum field. The equipment allows us to test quickly, accurately, and repeatedly. All equipment is calibrated before each use with the appropriate calibration fluids and checked with standards for added accuracy.

Our standard Oilfield Water Analysis services include:

  • 10 Ions
  • Total Dissolved Solids
  • Specific Gravity
  • Resistivity
  • pH
  • Stiff Diagram

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