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GeoMark Research has been providing data-driven interpretive studies for over two decades. These studies give you the background context and analytical data you need to address petroleum system questions—ranging from regional assessments, to target play intervals, to specific research topics. The common thread through all of this work is high-quality, analytical data generated by a GeoMark lab and under GeoMark guidance and supervision. 

These studies are instigated by relevant industry interests of the day, created with the end user in mind, and resulting in more focused application than a typical regional report or publication. Furthermore, we store most of the oil samples used in the studies, so they are available upon request for additional analysis. This adds another dimension to the value of the studies and makes them evolving products that can be enhanced depending on your changing requirements. Our experts strive to add additional context to the studies and assist you in using the data to answer particular questions or plan sampling programs. This ensures dynamic studies that never get “stale,” as they are used in action.

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Central Asia

South Central Asia Oil Study
Far East Asia Oil Study

Greater Caribbean

Colombia Oil Study
Venezuela Oil Study
Northern South America Oil Study

USA – Appalachian

Appalachian Petroleum System Study
Utica/Point Pleasant Resource Potential Study

USA – Midcontinent

Woodford Resource Potential Study
Texas/ Oklahoma Panhandle Petroleum System Study
Bakken Petroleum System Study
Lodgepole-Mission Canyon Petroleum System Study
Red River and Winnipeg Resource Potential Study
Caney Resource Potential Study

USA – Rockies

Big Horn Basin Oil Study
Powder River Basin Cretaceous Oil Study
Green River Basin Gas Study
Mowry Shale Resource Potential Study
Niobara Formation Resource Potential Study
Phosphoria Resource Potential Study
SW Wyoming-Utah Thrust Belt and Moxa Arch Study
Greenhorn Formation Resource Potential Study
Eastern Green River Petroleum System Study
Paleozoic Oils of the Rocky Mountains Study
Piceance Basin Petroleum System Study
Paradox Oil Study
Uinta Basin Petroleum System Study
Wind River Basin Oil Study
Niobrara/Mancos of the San Juan Basin Resource Potential Study

We offer a selection of pre-packaged studies but also provide custom study options tailored to any basin worldwide. Email info@geomarkresearch for further information.

GeoMark Research, Ltd.
9748 Whithorn Drive | Houston, Texas

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