Gas Chromatography

High Resolution Gas Chromatography (HRGC)

High Temperature Gas Chromatography (HTGC)

Gas Chromatography (GC) is the separation of hydrocarbons by partition between a mobile gas phase and a stationary liquid phase. High Resolution GC (HRGC) provides quantitative data for n-paraffins (light to heavy molecular weights) and certain biomarkers (e.g. Pristane & Phytane). HRGC typically reports paraffins up to ~n-C40 however alternative high temperature methods (HTGC) can record paraffins up to ~n-C65 for waxier (paraffinic) oils. The GC of a given oil is typically referred to as the sample’s ‘fingerprint’. HRGC is the standard procedure at GeoMark but HTGC is available on request.