Carbon Isotopes

Sat fraction (requires SARA as a prerequisite)

Aro fraction (requires SARA as a prerequisite)

NSO fraction (requires SARA as a prerequisite)

Asph fraction (requires SARA as a prerequisite)

Whole Oil (does not require SARA as a prerequisite)

Depending on kerogen content, required amount of material is 10mg.

Can be performed on extracted rock.

Liquid Chromatography (LC) SARA separation



%Resin (NSO)


Can be done on an oil or extracted rock material. 50 to 100 mg of sample required.

SARA serves as the prerequisite to Saturate and Aromatic GCMS

Extract GC

C15+ (Ext GC)

Light Hydrocarbon High Resolution GC (LH HRGC)

High Temperature GC (HTGC)

Preferred amount of material is 5 grams.

Minimum amount of material is 3-5 grams.

Solvent extraction method required as a prerequisite to running GC

Solvent Extraction

Quantitative Extraction (Dionex)

Soxhlet Extraction (quantitative & non-quantitative)

Closed vial CS2 (non-quantitative)

Thermal Alteration Index

Maturity indicator determined from the color of organic matter in transmitted light.

Visual Kerogen

Reflected and fluorescent light observations to assess maceral proportions in volume %

Vitrinite Reflectance

Measurement of the percentage of incident light reflected from the surface of vitrinite particles in a sedimentary rock. Reflectance of solid bitumen is also measured as an independent maturity parameter.

Kerogen Isolation

Prep for analyses such as elemental CHONS and Kinetics

Basic Sample Prep

Prep required for all source rock analysis; grinding to 60 mesh