Oil Base Mud Removal

OBM / S1 Removal, extract not retained

Required for cuttings drilled with oil based mud

Contaminated Sample Preparation

hand pick LCM from cutting samples

Sample Washing & Drying

Wash/dry cuttings to remove excess drilling mud

Kinetics (5 heating rates)

Measurement of primary decomposition reactions of kerogen.

Reservoir Oil Quality (HAWK-PAM)

HAWK Petroleum Assessment Method (HAWK-PAM)- unique programmed pyrolysis method that generates five petroleum peaks: four oil fractions, one kerogen. Provides superior quantification of volatile oil than was previously possible on pyrolysis instruments


Percent Carbonate calculation based on acid digestion


HAWK, Rock-Eval (II, VI)

HAWK and RockEval VI are capable of running TOC

Preferred sample amount is 3-5 grams of material

Minimum sample amount is 1-2 grams of organic rich material

HAWK Programmed Pyrolysis instruments are uniquely designed with the ability to start an analysis as low as 50°C, which enables measurement of early volatiles, such as C4 and C5. Data is extremely consistent and comparable to traditional Rock Eval II and VI data, while being superior in reliability and performance, and allowing for modifications mid-sequence, as well as additional reporting options not available with traditional Rock Eval.

Total Organic Carbon

Preferred sample amount is 3 to 5 grams of material.

Minimum sample amount is 1-2 grams of organic rich material.

Sample preparation is a required to grind the samples to a powder.