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The Largest Integrated Geochemical Database in the World

RFDbase – Rock & Fluid Database

GeoMark has designed an online geochemical database specifically for the petroleum industry. The Rock & Fluid Database (RFDbase) is a portal for the storage, review and manipulation of petroleum fluid, gas, and source rock analyses. Subscribing companies are able to review the data from any database product, study, and/or proprietary work they have purchased from GeoMark. RFDbase’s web accessibility enables anyone in your company to use the database regardless of geographical location, permits immediate updates of new analytical results, and allows you to download data to be integrated with your company’s data.

Visit RFDbase to use a Demo account that exhibits the entire search and display functions of the database, with a restricted set of samples. Please contact GeoMark for a full presentation of the RFDbase program.

Visit RFDbase

Geochemical Databases

GeoMark has developed several database products that are classified generally by data type (source rock, oil, gas, PVT) and geography. Below is a sampling of the primary database products. For GeoMark’s full offering, please view the product catalog.

Global Source Rock and Oil Database

GeoMark is offering a new service to the oil and gas industry through the addition of the Source Rock Data Module to its existing geochemical databases. This Global Source Rock Module consists of ~250,000 source rock analyses from over 20,000 locations (well-site or outcrop) world-wide. The Global Geochemical Database couples the new Source Rock Data Module with GeoMark’s expansive oil and gas datasets to provide representative samples from virtually every prospective basin, world-wide. Subscribers will have access to over 15,000 crude oil analyses, 17,500 gas analyses (4,700 with carbon isotope results), ~300,000 source rock analyses, and ~2,500 PVT reports.

downloadDownload a Global Geochemical Database Proposal

US Source Rock, Oil, and Gas Database

The USA Geochemical Database couples the new source rock data module with GeoMark’s expansive oil and gas dataset within the United States to provide representative samples from virtually every productive basin in the United States. Participants will have access to over 4,600 crude oil analyses, 10,500 gas analyses (4,700 with carbon isotope results), and 110,000+ source rock analyses.

downloadDownload a US Geochemical Database Proposal

WCSB – Resource Play Atlas

GeoMark Research is commencing a multi-year effort to assess the commercial potential of every exploration play in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin (WCSB). The project will be accomplished by integrating and interpreting the contents of a comprehensive, evolving database of geochemical and PVT analyses, and constructing GIS map-based assessments of hydrocarbon resource, oil families, hydrocarbon character and thermal histories of each evaluated formation. GeoMark’s WCSB Geochemical Database includes all publicly available data, along with a large collection of proprietary results. Over the next three (3) years GeoMark will increase the size of this database by analyzing additional samples obtained by GeoMark, or contributed by participants. The final result of this project will be interpreted maps of source rock potential integrated with maps of oil and gas fluid characterization and regional phase behavior trends. Combined, these maps will provide a geochemical characterization and quantification of oil and gas potential in each studied horizon. .

downloadDownload a WCSB Database Project Proposal


The OILS (Oil Information Library System) database provides access to nearly 10,000 crude oil geochemical analyses. Participating companies are given full access to the OILS™ database and are permitted to contribute samples for analysis to GeoMark at no additional charge. This database contains bulk characteristics, GC, GC/MS biomarker, and stable carbon isotope measurements. Every analysis was performed at GeoMark to ensure analytical compatibility. GeoMark guarantees that at least 500 new samples will be added to the database each year.

downloadDownload an OILS Proposal


GeoMark has built a natural gas database of domestic and international natural gas sample analyses to complement its OILS Database. Particular emphasis has been placed on acquisition of stable isotope and compositional data.

The GAD database currently holds over 17,000 gas analyses.

PVT Database

The PVT database allows subscribing companies to collect, quality check, organize, digitize, and store a complete archive of its PVT reports. It also gives participants access to a global database of PVT reports for the rapid assessment of production fluids in established or frontier areas. The database is divided into a “closed” section for the storage of confidential reports, and a large “open” section for the storage of non-exclusive reports that are made accessible to all participants. This database stores all data in a standardized format for easy comparison of data and also contains all reports in original formats.

Some of this database’s important features are listed below:

  • Provides links between the PVT and geochemical databases.
  • Utilizes a mapping interface to improve searching and data interpretation capabilities.
  • Incorporates a standard PVT report format (for both black oils and gas condensates) so reports from different PVT companies can be more easily recognized and understood.
  • Provide interfaces to digitally import current PVT studies from the various PVT companies, simplifying data entry.
  • Stores electronic copies of each report as Adobe Acrobat PDF files for historical archiving.
  • Provides storage for tuned Equation of State (EOS) parameters from commercial PVT programs.
  • Provides interfaces to digitally export the data to and from commercial petroleum engineering simulators.
  • Allows for the storage and protection of non-exclusive and proprietary data with appropriate security.

Water Database

GeoMark has compiled an excellent North American production fluid water database. Coverage is being developed in areas outside of the USA. This module contains of 17,000 analyses from virtually every productive basin.

For additional information on Water Analyses, contact us.

Custom Databases – Basen

The Basen program allows for uniquely customized access to GeoMark’s entire database. Basen allows participants to both choose the type of data needed and the geographical extent of the coverage. Thus, companies can acquire only the data of immediate interest without having to license all of GeoMark’s global databases. Data can be purchased by region (country, basin, or block) or data type (source rock, oil, gas, etc.). In addition, participants in Basen can have new samples analyzed and added to the database at a highly reduced price.

For more information download the Basen flyer. Or contact us.

Proprietary Data

GeoMark offers clients the capability to host proprietary data within RFDbase in order to extend RFDbase’s functionality to clients’ data. Data can either be analyzed by GeoMark and then made available in RFDbase, or it can be entered by GeoMark into the database. Multiple levels of security exist so that clients can make data available to anyone within the company, or to precise individuals within the company.