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GeoMark has a world-leading gas laboratory capable of analyzing all types of hydrocarbon gases -mud, headspace, produced and flashed from PVT samples. Our cutting-edge lab equipment includes:
Gas chromatography — for measuring the composition of gas samples, including hydrocarbon (C1 to C6+) and non-hydrocarbon compounds (He, H2, O2, N2, etc.).
Isotope ratio mass spectrometers (IRMS) — dedicated to analyzing the carbon (δ13C) and hydrogen (δ2H) isotopic signature of compounds within gas samples.

This analytical setup, along with our subjective matter experts (SMEs), allows us to offer comprehensive gas analysis services for the most challenging applications.


Q. Can GeoMark provide what we need for sampling?

A. Yes, we are fully stocked with IsoTubes ready to ship directly to your field locations. Return shipping instructions are also provided. If needed, we can supply a sampling manifold that should be sent back with the filled IsoTubes.

Q. Can GeoMark sample our wells?

A. Yes, we have an expert team capable of collecting gases (as well as oils and waters) from your wells. Contact your GeoMark account manager for more information.

Q. I want to analyze the H2S isotope signature in my gas, can you do that?

A. Yes, we can provide IsoTraps for H2S collection and analysis purposes.

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GeoMark Research, Ltd.
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