Water Analysis

Minimum sample volume for any water analysis is 500ml. Minimum volume for isotopes is 20ml.

  • Standard water analysis (Mineral Analysis Pattern) includes: 12 Cations and Anions, TDS, Specific Gravity, Resistivity and pH
  • Individual ions on request (e.g. Strontium, Manganese, Lithium, etc)
  • Oxygen (δ18O) and Hydrogen (δD) Isotopes

The standard water analysis option covers the primary diagnostic compositional and bulk parameters used to understand an operators water chemistry. Individual ions allow expansion of that program to include more specific focus on the sulfur and carbonate species as well as less common, although potentially diagnostic metals in an operator’s acreage. Isotope analysis is an excellent tool for distinguishing between water sources (formation, frack, meteoric, etc) and determining any mixing between signals.