Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

The NMR itself only measures the total fluid volume per mass of the sample. (1) If the sample is in irregular shape, bulk volume (or bulk density) measurement is required before generating volumetric data (i.e., NMR fluid porosity), (2) If the sample is cylindrical, we can use caliper to measure the bulk volume, which is usually less accurate than bulk volume from Archimedes method. Hence, the combination of NMR and bulk density is recommended, unless laboratory data (cc/g) is acceptable. Nuclear magnetic resonance measurement at low-frequency with defined inter-echo spacing for T1T2 or only T2 acquisition. Fluid-filled storage volume quantified. Can be used for fluid typing as well as extraction efficiency understanding.

Can be performed on intact or crushed rock volume. Ideally a minimum of 50-60 grams per sample. If seeking to execute entire workflow design ~120 grams of starting intact material is required. Exception is SS permeameter. Only intact analysis applies.