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Recognized as an industry leader in hydrocarbon analysis and interpretation, GeoMark Research employs the latest technology to deliver consistent and validated results. We are also capable of analyzing petroleum seep samples (onshore, offshore, tar balls, etc.)

We answer the fundamental petroleum systems questions:

⦿ Where did it come from?

⦿ Where did it go?

⦿ How did it change on its journey?

Our cutting-edge lab equipment is ready to analyze:

API Gravity
% Sulfur (wt.%)
Nickel & Vanadium Concentration (ppm) – %
Liquid Chromatography (SARA) – %Saturate, %Aromatic, %Resin (NSO – Nitrogen, Sulfur, Oxygen), %Asphaltene
Whole Oil Gas Chromatography
Bulk Stable Carbon (δ13C) Isotopes (Saturate, Aromatic, NSO Fractions, & Whole Oil)

Additionally, GeoMark hosts specialized laboratories for:

⦿ GC-MS/MS (QQQ) – Triple quad (QQQ) gas chromatography – mass spectrometry / mass spectrometry

⦿ Compound-specific carbon (δ13C) isotope analysis (CSIA)

⦿ Bulk sulfur (δ34S) & nitrogen (δ15N) isotopes

This range of analytical capabilities allows us to offer a robust and comprehensive toolbox for all sample types and objectives to meet the most challenging client needs. 

The GeoMark Research Advantage

From fluid characterization to basin modeling

Fluid Characterization

Using consistent methods for the past 30 years, GeoMark Research can make comparisons of fluid character to provide interpretations that define the source, maturity, and mobility oil of samples. Leveraging advanced analytics, this information creates a predictive geochemical framework that reduces the risk associated with fluid property predictions. 


Integrating with source rock and other geochemical data, fluids take on geological context in mapped trends and depositionally driven predictions. 

Basin Modeling

GeoMark Research has the knowledge and experience to provide bespoke 1D and map-based basin modeling services. Projects can range from international bid round screening to hydrocarbon phase modeling for development plans. With GeoMark’s talented staff of geologists, geochemists, and engineers as well as access to proprietary datasets and studies, clients can reach the answers they need without even submitting a sample for analysis. 

Additionally, models can be refined by integrating client specific data and providing updates as projects advance, always staying relevant to the questions at hand. GeoMark is a single stop for fully integrated geoscience solutions from our lab to your field. 

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GeoMark Research, Ltd.
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