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Greater Permian Basin Geochemical Data Available
Release of Geochemical Data from the Greater Permian Basin

GeoMark Research, Ltd. has generated an enormous amount of geochemical data in the Greater Permian Basin for Petroleum Systems Studies that will be released over the next two years. Because the Permian Basin (and particularly the Delaware Basin) is currently experiencing such a marked increase in exploration actively, we are choosing to release the data now, and perform and market the interpretive reports at a later time.

Those who purchase the data release will have immediate access to 23,000+ samples across multiple horizons within the greater Permian Basin. Subscribers will then be granted the right to license individual interpretive reports at a discounted price once those reports are released.


    Permian Basin Studies - Available Now

  • Wolfcamp-Cline
  • Woodford
  • Midland Basin Spraberry

    2017 - 2019 Planned Study Release

  • Delaware Basin Bone Spring/Avalon
  • Delaware Basin Delaware Mtn. Group
  • Delaware Basin Wolfcamp II
  • Midland Basin Clear Fork
  • Midland Basin Barnett/Woodford
  • Midland Basin Wolfcamp II
  • Midland Basin Simpson

Contact for more Information

Greg Getz

9748 Whithorn Drive, Houston, TX 77095
Phone: 832-575-2435

    Greater Permian Basin Data Package from 800+ Wells

  • 22,000 Source Rocks
  • 800 Gas analyses (120 with Stable Carbon Isotopes)
  • 750 Oil Samples
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