Regional Geochemical Studies – International

Below you will find a list of the upcoming and current unconventional resource – potential studies that GeoMark offers. These studies evaluate and map the resource potential for oil, condensate, and gas within the study areas and assess the economic importance of each individual play. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about these onshore regional studies. Click Here for a printable version of this table.

Study CodeArea / StudyAvailability
South America:
ST_ARGArgentina Oil StudyCompleted
ST_AUSAustral-Malvinas Oil StudyCompleted
ST_BOLBolivia Oil StudyCompleted
ST_BRABrazil Oil StudyCompleted
ST_COLBrazil Oil StudyCompleted
ST_NSACretaceous Petroleum Systems of Northern South AmericaCompleted
ST_NEUQNeuquen Basin Resource Potential StudyCompleted
ST_ORIOriente Oil StudyCompleted
ST_PERPeru Oil StudyCompleted
ST_SAMSouth Atlantic Margin Oil StudyCompleted
ST_VENVenezuela Oil StudyCompleted
ST_MED2Algeria-Tunisia Oil StudyCompleted
ST_CAMCentral Atlantic Oil StudyCompleted
ST_MED3Egypt Oil StudyCompleted
ST_GHAGhadames Basin & Illizi PlatformCompleted
ST_MED1Sirte Basin Oil StudyCompleted
ST_SAOSouth Atlantic Oil StudyCompleted
ST_WOSWest of Shetlands Geochemical StudyCompleted
ST_WESWest Siberian Basin Geochemical StudyCompleted
ST_ESBEast Siberia Geochemical StudyCompleted
ST_PORPorcupine Basin Oil StudyCompleted
ST_MED4Southern Europe Oil StudyCompleted
ST_SVGSouth Viking Graben Oil StudyCompleted
Middle East
ST_IRQIraq Petroleum System StudyCompleted
ST_IRQNKurdistan Petroleum System StudyCompleted
ST_IRQSSouthern Iraq Petroleum System StudyCompleted
ST_LAGLower Arabian Gulf Geochemical StudyCompleted
ST_ZOSZagrosFold Belt StudyCompleted
ST_MESMiddle East Geochemical StudyCompleted
ST_EMEDEastern MediterraneanCompleted
Far East
ST_EOZEastern Australia Oil StudyCompleted
ST_FES4Papau New Guinea/East Indonesia/Australia/New Zealand Oil StudyCompleted
ST_FES3Phillippines/China/Taiwan/Japan Oil StudyCompleted
ST_SCASouth Central Asian Oil StudyCompleted
ST_FES2Sumatra/Java Oil StudyCompleted
ST_FES1Thailand/Myanmar/South China Sea/ NW Bornea/ EastKalimantan OIl and Gas StudyCompleted
ST_WOZWest Australia Oil Study ICompleted
North America
ST_ECMContinental Margin of Eastern CanadaCompleted

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