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RFDbase – The industry’s leading
Rock, Fluid & PVT Database


Data drives important exploration and production decisions that must be made quickly and scientifically to ensure success at every stage of your asset’s life cycle. That’s why we have amassed and continue to build and maintain a centralized rock and fluid database, easily accessed via our secure RFDbase portal, from anywhere, at any time. This allows you to spend less time looking for data, and more time analyzing it and applying it to high-value decision making.
Our comprehensive, integrated rock and fluid database—the largest of its kind in the world—contains critical, proprietary information from oil, gas, and rock sources, along with data from the public domain. The database is continually refreshed with automatic updates as soon as new analytical results or other relevant data are available.

RFDbase is the convenient way to access data subscriptions (described below), as well as proprietary data performed in our lab for your company, or research studies you can purchase from GeoMark —all in one location.

For more information or to sign up for demonstration access, please email rfdbase@geomarkresearch.com

Why RFDbase?

RFDbase enhances your data-driven decisions by filling in data gaps to further reduce uncertainty and mitigate risk when estimating the economic viability of a given play, or a single well. Arm your subsurface experts (i.e. geologists, geophysicists, geochemists, petrophysicists, engineers, etc.) with these competitive advantages:
Eliminate the need to find, gather, and cleanse data. Gain immediate access to a trustworthy dataset comprised of more than 500,000 oil/gas/rock samples taken from every major petroleum basin in the world
Instantaneously view the hydrocarbon properties of more than 16,000 oils from every major basin in the world for immediate economic analyses and facilities planning
Confirm your existing rock and fluid property trends and ‘likeology’ to derisk drilling
Identify areas in a basin and play that require changes in trends and interpretation approach based on the rock and fluid dataset
Immediately access Quick-look analog associations and assessments, with the related economic analysis, for exploration to appraisal cycle drilling
Enable your team’s ability to build, supplement, or calibrate data analytics models with adequate rock and fluid property distributions
Supply your Drilling, Reservoir, and Facilities Engineers with critical data, such as API gravity, fluid composition for casing and facilities designs, etc.

RFDbase Subscriptions & Data Packages

RFDbase gives you the flexibility to access the exact type of data you need. By subscribing to RFDbase, anyone in your company can search, display, and download data according to their key interests and goals, and then integrate it into active projects.

We offer the following subscription options, depending on your needs:

Premium Subscriptions

A premium RFDbase subscription includes extensive data for one or more geographical areas and provides the lowest cost per dataset. This data, available in every major petroleum basin in the world, includes oil, produced gas, source rock, mud gas, PVT, and formation water analyses for your area(s) of interest, with continual additions (~10,000 source rocks and ~300 oils added each year). You’ll never go hunting through individual files searching for random rock and fluids data again! It’s all conveniently stored in the portal, ready to help your team make informed, data-driven decisions.

Premium subscribers receive these benefits:

View 100% of the samples available from GeoMark’s rock and fluid collection within a given regional scope
Get immediate access to any new, region-specific samples and/or analytical data as they are loaded into the database
Leverage the full power of the RFDbase portal, allowing you to store, organize, and view all of the data you have access to—in a single database, searchable by the parameters you set (regional area, specific TOC, GOR ranges, etc.)
View your own proprietary data, generated in our Lab, in context of the regional area by seeing it alongside your subscription data

Customized Data Packages – RFDpro

A customized data package lets you create custom databases for your specific use, with the ability to view, search, and compare your data utilizing RFDbase portal functionality. These database packages are static for the entire subscription period, according to the initial design (with no new samples or data added), allowing you to select a single data-type, a single county or smaller regional area, or even a single well or sample.

A customized data package provides these benefits:

Define the precise database required for a unique purpose, designed by:
Geographic data (i.e. for an area of interest)
Characteristics of the data (i.e. analyses fitting a set of criteria)
A three-year license to the data in your customized data package
Full access to the RFDbase portal, where you can search, compare, and view your data package alongside your own proprietary data that’s been generated in our Lab
Flexible payment options that allow you to pay for three years of access to your data package in a single payment, or three annual installment

GeoMark in the E&P Cycle

Exploration/New Ventures

⦿ Access to crucial subsurface data

RFDbase™: provides on demand global rock, fluid and PVT data

⦿ Source presence, quality, extent

RFDbase™: provides source rock geochemistry for screening
Rock Geochemistry: TOC & Pyrolysis analysis for source rock potential
Oil Geochemistry: Infer source rock maturity and type from migrated hydrocarbons and seeps

⦿ Prove an active petroleum system

Mud Gas Isotopes: demonstrate seals, fluid communication (compartmentalization), column heights, changes in gas composition and maturity
Pressure Volume Temperature (PVT): Assessment of reservoir conditions and fluid behavior
Petroleum System Modeling: Delivers a reconstruction of source rock burial, maturity and expulsion

⦿ Identify new plays within developed basin

Petrophysics: Evaluation of well logs at all scales to quantify porosity, permeability, saturation, pressure, fluid connectivity, geomechanics, reservoir presence and quality. Real-time logging and coring programs (data collection)


⦿ Communication & compartmentalization

PVT: Fluid properties and pressure data from reservoirs across separate wells
Oil Geochemistry: HRGC and Biomarker analysis for correlation and communication

⦿ Hydrocarbon source and migration

QQQ (GC- MS/MS): Enhanced Oil typing and maturity calibration for migration modeling
CSIA: Genetically link known accumulations(both oil and gas) to understand the full extent of migration and preservation effects.

⦿ Reservoir and fluid volumes

TruSat™: Mobile versus immobile fluid fractions & enhanced fluid and porosity measurements
PVT: Identify fluid types and potential volumes within reservoirs

⦿ Volumetrics

Petrophysics: Multi-scale hydrocarbon in place evaluation. Integration with engineering to include shrinkage correction and support for recovery factor estimation

⦿ Reservoir performance and EOS

PVT: Understand the thermodynamic behavior of reservoir fluids


⦿ Reservoir Maintenance / Production allocation

Time Lapse Geochemistry: Identify changes in produced fluid types throughout the lifecycle of production to predict performance

⦿ Fluid quality production trend analysis

Oil Geochemistry: Predict well performance based on correlations to fluid properties

⦿ Identifying source of water contribution

Water Isotopes: Characterize water type and fingerprint water samples to understand well drainage and Water/Oil ratios
RFDbase™: Utilize formation water database to identify source(s) of water production

⦿ Identifying H2S contribution

Gas Isotopes: Identify cause of H2S

⦿ Benchmarking of well performance

RFDbase™: Access to geochemistry and PVT data to evaluate local or regional trends that may contribute to well performance

⦿ Liability and HSE protection

Oil Geochemistry: Fingerprint and catalogue produced fluids for protection against future remediation requirements.


Q. How do I know my proprietary data will not be shared with other subscribing members?

A. GeoMark designed RFDbase with security as the primary focus. The system meets, or exceeds, all cybersecurity requirements derived from the industry-recognized Center for Internet Security (CIS) Controls. Multiple redundant policies, workflows, and checks have been holistically incorporated to ensure that the physical and digital nature of your data is protected and prevented from being compromised. An entitlement structure recognizes which analyses have been activated for each user, prohibiting your proprietary data from ever being shared with anyone outside of your organization.

Q. How frequently are data added to RFDbase?

A. Data are added throughout the year for premium subscriptions and are available to subscribers as soon as they enter GeoMark’s database. Samples are not added annually to customized data packages

Q. How can I tell what data have been added?

A. Subscribers receive quarterly updates, including a map that highlights regional areas where RFDbase data were refreshed during that quarter. This alert is not customized by individual user or company, but is for all users. Additionally, RFDbase has the ability to initiate a pop-up window for users upon logging in/out. When companies enter or leave significant subscription items, this pop-up can be set to announce any subscription changes. Lastly, all data have ‘DateCreated’ and ‘DateModified’ fields that are searchable within RFDbase to find added or changed information. For further questions, email rfdbase@geomarkresearch.com , and we will quickly identify records that may have been added to your particular database subscription(s).

Q. How are RFDbase users maintained?

A. GeoMark does not charge a fee for individual users to access RFDbase. Any employee of a subscribing client, with approval from that client, may be granted access to the system. GeoMark can maintain the user list or specified users of subscribing companies may control their own user list (adding/removing users or determining the data to which users have access).

Q. Can RFDbase data be tight holed?

A. Access to data can be limited to the analysis performed by sample, by data type. Meaning that, for a specific sample, if oil and source rock analysis was performed, we can provide access to the oil and the rock data separately. However, we cannot separate access to the individual source rock measurements. If access is granted by data type (i.e. source rock) for a specific sample, you gain access to all data for that data type. Access permissions can be managed by GeoMark or by clients. The flexibility of RFDbase allows for multiple user groups to be defined within the system. Each group can be set up to have access to specific analyses, and then users are assigned to those groups. Upon login, the system determines all of the groups to which the user has access, and then activates all of the unique analyses tied to those groups.

GeoMark Research, Ltd.
9748 Whithorn Drive | Houston, Texas
GeoMark Research, Ltd.
9748 Whithorn Drive | Houston, Texas