Alaska North Slope Oil Study

Geochemistry of Crude Oil Samples from the Alaska North Slope and the Canadian Beaufort

GeoMark Research has completed a petroleum system evaluation of the North Slope of Alaska and Canadian Beaufort. This study provides a detailed assessment of the numerous systems previously identified within the region and to estimates the relative importance of these various systems to exploration areas.  Oil geochemistry was used to evaluate the petroleum systems in the project area. The oils were characterized by a detailed analytical program that included quantitative biomarker analysis of terpanes and steranes and determination of stable carbon isotope composition of both saturate and aromatic  hydrocarbon fractions.

The Study also investigated a) basin subsidence as related to source rock maturation, b) timing of major hydrocarbon expulsion, c) regional distribution of present day source rock  maturities, and d) areas of multiple source rocks and probable mixing.

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Samples: A total of 120 crude oil samples were analyzed for this study. Samples selected provide excellent geographic and stratigraphic coverage both regionally and within the fields.

Timing: The study is complete and available for immediate delivery

Price: The cost of the study is (US) $34,500.

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