Appalachian Basin Shale Gas Study

Comprehensive Oil, Gas, and Source Rock Study

GeoMark Research, Ltd. has completed a comprehensive regional study of the petroleum systems in the Appalachian Basin with emphasis on the unconventional shale and tight gas sand plays.  The study concentrates on both Devonian and Ordovician shale sections, and focuses on the origin, thermal maturity, and nature of the natural gas in the resource plays of the basin.

The study incorporates source rock analyses of over 120 individual wells (over 15,000 samples), detailed oil analyses of over 100 oil samples, and analyses of over 1000 gas samples.  Over 250 new client contributed gas samples were analyzed for stable carbon and deuterium isotope compositions.

Although we analyzed rock, oil and gas samples, the purpose of the study was to better understand the resource gas potential of the Devonian and Ordovician sections throughout the entire Appalachian Basin.

The resulting interpretation represents the first and only regional analysis of the origin and character of gas in the Appalachian Basin.  This study is still the most comprehensive assessment of shale gas in the Appalachian Basin, and is owned by most of the companies operating in the region.

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Samples: Over 15,000 source rock samples from 120 individual wells, detailed oil analyses of over 100 oil samples, and over 1000 gas samples.

Timing: The study is complete and available for immediate delivery.

Price: The price is (US) $ 75,000.

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