Gulf of Mexico Crude Quality Study

GeoMark Research has completed a crude quality study to establish ranges of oil quality for the different oil types found in the Gulf of Mexico. Average ranges of quality parameters were determined for different source types, levels of thermal maturity, degrees of biodegradation, and percentage of oil family mixing. The study was accomplished by statistically comparing oil quality parameters in GeoMark’s GOMOIL database (e.g., %S, ppm Ni & V, API gravity, SARA, GC wax factor) with selected engineering-based oil quality measurements (i.e., viscosity, API gravity, bubble point, cloud point, GOR ratio, and SARA analysis).

This unique study establishes statistical ranges of crude oil quality for all the oil families or types in the Gulf of Mexico Basin. This study enables participants to accurately predict the quality ranges of oils in new or unexplored regions, and can be used to predict oil quality from cuttings or sidewall core extracts. Although we classified each of the oil groups found in the Gulf of Mexico, we concentrated on the offshore and especially on the deep-water region of the offshore.

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