Relationship between Geochemical Parameters and Wax/ Asphaltene Phase Behavior from Petroleum Fluids

GeoMark Research has completed an investigation of the relationship between different Gulf of Mexico oil types (source environment, thermal maturity, and biodegradation) and paraffin and asphalt stability. We are analyzing a suite of oil samples which represent the various petroleum systems in the Gulf. These include Tithonian marl/carbonate-sourced oils, oils from Lower Cretaceous shales, and oils which represent a mixture of these two sources. These families were established during GeoMark’s Gulf of Mexico Oil Study. Each of these oil samples have been characterized by state-of-the-art wax and asphaltene analyses (e.g., CPM, high temperature GC, quantitative pentane titration). These results were correlated to GeoMark’s existing geochemical database to determine if it is possible to predict solids problems based on the petroleum system providence in the deep-water GOM, and to ascertain what effect biodegradation or mixing of petroleum types has on wax or asphaltene stability.

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Samples: A suite of oil samples that represent the various petroleum systems from the Gulf of Mexico were analyzed.

Timing: The study is complete and available for immediate delivery.

Price: The cost of the study is (US) $32,500. Discounts are available to companies purchasing both the Gulf of Mexico Study and a similar study being conducted Globally.

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