GeoMark Research has continued the Gulf of Mexico Gas Study with this GOMGAS™ Data Extension. Licenses will be restricted to those companies that have purchased GeoMark’s Gulf of Mexico Gas Study. This extensive data set offers an analytical source for companies exploring the Gulf of Mexico.

Participating companies are given full access to the data set that now holds more than 3500 samples, and are invited to contribute gas data and samples to GeoMark for analysis at no additional charge. GOMGAS is accessible on the RFDbase. Data can be downloaded as Excel™ files and displayed via the ArcView™ geographic information system (GIS).

Click Here for a printable version of this flyer. Please contact us for more information.

Samples: GOMGAS2004 contains over 3500 total gas analyses, with over 1500 having stable carbon isotope results.

Timing: The GOMGAS2004 release is available for immediate delivery.

Price: The licensing fee is (US) $22,000.

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