Greater Green River Basin Petroleum System Study

Geochemistry and Exploration Significance of Crude Oils and Natural Gases from the Greater Green River Basin

GeoMark Research has completed an integrated regional petroleum system study of the Greater Green River Basin.  This study incorporates two oil studies, a source rock study, and a detailed natural gas-calibrated pyrolysis study.  The objectives of this integrated project are to a) identify and evaluate the various oil and gas source units in the region, b) evaluate and map thermal maturity differences in the oil and gas source units, c) evaluate and map oil and gas “families”, and d) determine which stratigraphic units are responsible for sourcing the hydrocarbons found in various areas of the region.  The analytical data generated from the studies are provided in digital form to participating companies.  Participants will also receive three interpretive reports.  Two of the reports will present the oil work and the third contains the source rock and gas report.

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Samples: These studies involved the analysis of over 35 wells, 230 oil samples, and over 800 natural gas samples (over 400 gas samples also subjected to stable carbon isotope analyses).

Timing: The study is complete and available for immediate delivery.

Price: The cost of the study is US $75,000.

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