Iraq Petroleum System Study

Detailed Analysis of Source Rocks, Oil Seeps and Oil Samples, GIS Database and Regional Interpretation

GeoMark Research is offering a regional assessment of the resource potential of Iraq. The study is designed to identify Mesozoic organic rich units and evaluate their potential as conventional or unconventional exploration targets. The study can be purchased as a Northern Iraq/Kurdistan Sub-Study, a southern Iraq Sub-Study, or a combined entire Iraq Study (see figure above).

Results of the study are presented in both analytical and interpretive formats to insure that all findings are readily accessible to explorationists and research personnel.  All analytical data from the Iraq Petroleum System Study are provided digitally.  Along with these data are interpretative plots, and maps used to classify and interpret the data.  Interpretive commentary are given in an Adobe PDF document.  Microsoft Excel, Access, and ESRI ArcView are the data formats and mapping system used by GeoMark in the project.

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Samples: The study involves the geochemical evaluation of 600 source rock samples (cuttings, core, and outcrops) from over 90 individual wells or outcrop locations, the detailed analysis of 95 seep samples, the detailed oil analysis of over 438 crude oil samples, and the geochemical analysis of 230 source rock extracts (figure above).

Timing: The final report is complete and available for immediate delivery.

Price: The costs of the studies are US $75,000 for Northern Iraq/Kurdistan, US $ 55,000.00 for Southern Iraq, and US $95,000 for the entire study.

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