Marcellus Shale Gas Study

Source Rock and Gas Isotope Evaluation of the Marcellus Formation in New York, Pennsylvania and West Virginia

One of the outcomes of GeoMark’s highly successful Appalachian Basin Petroleum System Study was a realization that coverage of geochemical data in the Marcellus Shale of New York, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia is inadequate.  More rock and gas samples are certainly needed to thoroughly investigate the ultimate potential of this unit, and further work needs to be done defining the extent and significance of the thermal maturity-controlled gas cracking/higher pressure zone.

It is for this reason that GeoMark is performing a second phase of its Appalachian Study that will focus analytical attention exclusively on the Marcellus.  The primary objective of this project will be to expand the source rock database of the Marcellus by analyzing an additional 40-60 wells scattered throughout NY, PA, and WV.  Some of these wells will be contributed by participants, and some will be supplied by GeoMark.  These data, along with the Marcellus results from the original Appalachian Study, will also be used to establish a log-defined organic richness model for the basin.

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Samples: A minimum of thirty (30) wells will be included in this study. The final wells analyzed will depend on the final subscription number.

Timing: We anticipate that the project will require two years to complete.

Price: The price is (US) $ 75,000.

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