Mid-Continent Woodford Petroleum System Study

Detailed Analysis of Source Rock, Gas, and Oil Samples from the Woodford & Chattanooga Formations in Oklahoma & Kansas

GeoMark Research has completed a regional assessment of the resource potential of the Woodford Formation of Oklahoma and Kansas. The study evaluates and maps the unconventional resource potential for oil, condensate, and gas along the margins of the two established “Kitchen” areas (southern Anadarko Basin and Arkoma Basin) and assesses the migration characteristics of Woodford sourced oils to determine what role the Woodford plays in charging other formations (i.e. Mississippian Lime). In its entirety, the study involves the detailed oil analysis of over 330 oil samples that have been sourced by the Woodford Formation, and the gas analysis of over 4,000 natural gas samples.p>

This project has produced an organic geochemical characterization of the Woodford Formation and generative products across the entire region. The distribution of Woodford-sourced oils provide beneficial support for mapping changes in facies, thermal maturity, and migration direction and distance.

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Samples: The study involves the detailed analysis of over 4,300 total gas and oil samples.

Timing: The study is complete and ready for immediate delivery.

Price: The cost of the study is (US) $65,000.

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