New Albany Shale Resource Potential Study

Geochemistry and Exploration Significance of Oils and Source Rock Samples from the New Albany Shale of the Illinois Basin

GeoMark Research has completed a comprehensive regional study of the petroleum potential and character of the New Albany Shale in the Illinois Basin. The study combines an extensive compilation of both source rock analyses with the analysis of New Albany-sourced oil and gas samples. In addition, an extensive re-analysis of source rock samples was performed to correct the effects of aggressive drying practices that are characteristic of the cuttings samples retained in the Illinois Geological Survey library.  Without extraction and re-analysis of these samples the analytical results give confusing and in some cases misleading results.

All analytical data from the study is provided digitally.  Submitted with the data are maps and plots used in the interpretation.  Interpretive commentary is given in an Adobe PDF document as well as a Microsoft PowerPoint file.  Microsoft Excel, Access, and ESRI ArcMAP are the data formats and mapping system used by GeoMark.  A final report is provided summarizing interpretations and conclusions resulting from analysis and mapping of the oil data sets.

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Samples: This study draws on the analysis of over 550 New Albany source rock samples, 80 source rock extractions, and 15 oil samples sourced from the New Albany Shale.

Timing: The study is complete and available for imediate delivery.

Price: The price is (US) $ 25,000.

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