Niobrara/Mancos of the San Juan Basin Resource Potential Study

Detailed Analysis of Source Rock and Oil Samples and Regional Interpretation of the Niobrara Formation in the San Juan Basin

GeoMark Research has completed a comprehensive regional assessment of the resource potential of the Niobrara/Mancos Formation in the San Juan Basin of New Mexico. The study maps the source potential for the formation throughout the basin and provides an estimation of oil in place. In its entirety, the study involves the source rock analysis of 21 individual wells and the detailed oil analysis of 19 oil samples that have been sourced by the Niobrara.

This project produced an organic geochemical characterization of the Niobrara/Mancos Formation in in the San Juan Basin Figure 1. By comparing present-day organic richness to calculated original richness we estimated the quantities of hydrocarbon generated, and calculated hydrocarbon in place. Differences in the productive character and capacity of the Niobrara/Mancos were mapped and a geographic evaluation of resource potential was provided.

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Samples: The study is based on the detailed analysis of 21 wells with source rock analyses and 19 crude oil analyses.

Timing: The study is complete and available for immediate delivery.

Price: The cost of the study is (US) $21,000.

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