Nordegg (Gordondale) Formation Petroleum System Study

Geochemistry and Exploration Significance of Oils, Source Rocks, and PVT Results from the Nordegg of Western Canada

GeoMark is conducting a series of formation specific studies intended to assess the resource potential of the organic-rich units across western Canada. Past oil work, which will also be part of these studies, has indicated that numerous discrete source units are active within the confines of the greater Western Canadian Basin. And, the nature of these source units (marine shale, marl and carbonates) makes them ideal resource candidates. Each study will focus on a specific source unit.

This particular study evaluates the resource potential of the Jurassic Nordegg (Gordondale) Formation. In its entirety, the study involves the source rock analysis of over 600 samples from over 140 individual wells. These data will be integrated with the detailed analysis of Nordegg-sourced oil and PVT results. Analytical data for the study will be provided digitally. A final report will be provided summarizing interpretations and conclusions resulting from mapping and analysis of the combined data sets.

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Samples: This study draws on the analysis of over 600 source rock samples from 140 wells, detailed oil analyses from Nordegg-sourced oil and PVT results.

Timing: Analytical results are available immediately. The final report is not yet available.

Price: The cost of the study is (US) $47,500.

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