Northern South America Study

Evaluation of the Cretaceous Petroleum Systems of Northern South America Using Advanced Biomarker Technology

GeoMark Research Inc. has conducted a regional evaluation of the Cretaceous petroleum systems of Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. For this study 124 crude oil samples were analyzed using new GC/MS/MS technology in order to distinguish, evaluate, and compare the corresponding source facies developed in the La Luna, Querecual, Villeta, Napo, Chonta, and other Cretaceous units. These 124 oils were selected from a collection of over 700 crude samples in which routine bulk, biomarker, and carbon isotopic analyses were previously performed by GeoMark Research. Based on these results and our current knowledge of the number, diversity, and geographic extent of various oil families representing different Cretaceous systems, the results of the GC/MS/MS analyses will aid in the exploration for, and exploitation of oil and gas in northern South America.

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Samples: The distribution of the crude oil samples is as follows: Venezuela (43 Samples), Colombia (51 Samples), Ecuador (20 Samples), Peru (7 Samples), and Trinidad (3 Samples).

Timing: The study is complete and available for immediate delivery.

Price: The cost of the study is (US) $37,500.

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