Oils of Western Australia

Regional Petroleum Geochemistry and Correlation of Crude Oils from Western Australia's Sedimentary Basins

GeoMark Research in conjunction with Geoscience Australia (GA) has completed a Phase II assessment of Western Australia utilizing the detailed analysis of a suite of over 300 crude oil samples. This new study combines 150 samples from the Phase I study completed in 1996 with 150 new oil samples. Particular attention was placed on deeper water regions of the Carnarvon, Browse and Bonaparte Basins.

Each of the oil samples in both Phase I and II was characterized by a detailed analytical program which included quantitative biomarker analysis of terpanes and steranes and determination of stable carbon isotope composition of both saturate and aromatic hydrocarbon fractions. This information, integrated with known source rock data, allowed us to identify, characterize, and quantify the petroleum systems active within each of the basins/regions. This study is of particular value to companies preparing to bid in upcoming licensing rounds along the Northwest Shelf.

The Eastern Australia Oil Study compliments the Western Australia Oil Study that was completed in 1996. This study provided a detailed assessment of the petroleum systems in the Cooper-Eromanga, Bowen-Surat and Gippsland Basins.

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Samples: The study is based on the detailed analysis of over 300 crude oil samples selected from the combined Geoscience Australia/GeoMark collections.

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