Texas/Oklahoma Panhandle Petroleum Systems Study

Anadarko, Palo Duro, Hardeman, Dalhart Basins and the Amarillo Uplift

GeoMark Research has completed a comprehensive crude oil, natural gas, and source rock study of the Texas/Oklahoma Panhandle area including the Anadarko, Palo Duro, Hardeman, Dalhart Basins and the Amarillo Uplift. The study focuses on the resource potential of Permian and Pennsylvanian formations as possible source and reservoir rocks. In its entirety, the study draws on the detailed crude oil analyses of over 125 oil samples as well as available source rock and natural gas data.

All analytical data from the study is provided digitally. Provided with the data are maps and plots used in the interpretation. Interpretive commentary is given in an Adobe PDF document as well as a Microsoft PowerPoint file. Microsoft Excel, Access, and ESRI ArcMAP are the data formats and mapping system used by GeoMark. A final report is provided summarizing interpretations and conclusions resulting from analysis and mapping of the oil data sets.

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Samples: A total of 125 crude oil samples were analyzed for this project.

Timing: The study is complete and available for immediate delivery.

Price: The cost of the study is (US) $60,000.

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