Uinta Basin Petroleum System Study

Geochemistry and Exploration Significance of Crude Oils and Natural Gases from the Uinta Basin

GeoMark Research has conducted a regional gas study in the Uinta Basin.  This study provides a Phase II extension of the Regional Petroleum System Study GeoMark conducted in the Uinta Basin in 2005, and concentrates on detailed analyses of both conventional and unconventional (shale gas, coal bed gas, and tight gas including basin centered gas) accumulations.  The objectives of this Phase II study are to a) identify the diverse gas sources, b) evaluate thermal maturity differences in commonly sourced gases, c) ascertain the magnitude of gas mixing, and d) evaluate and map gas quality.  Compositional and isotopic data was acquired from new gas samples collected from the basin; these will be combined with the Phase I results to provide an integrated petroleum fluids database for the greater Uinta Basin.  This Phase II Study will contain all the results and interpretive material distributed with the Phase I Study.

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Samples: The study is based on the detailed analysis of 167 crude oil samples and over 300 gas samples distributed across the entire Uinta Basin.

Timing: The study is complete and available for immediate delivery.

Price: The cost of the study is (US) $35,000.

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