WCSB – Resource Play Atlas

Western Canada Sedimentary Basin Geochemical Database and Petroleum System Mapping Project

GeoMark Research has commenced a multi-year effort to assess the commercial potential of every exploration play in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin (WCSB). The project integrates and interprets the contents of a comprehensive, evolving database of geochemical and PVT analyses (see map above), and constructs GIS map-based assessments of hydrocarbon resource, oil families, hydrocarbon character and thermal histories of each evaluated formation.

GeoMark’s WCSB Geochemical Database includes publicly available data, along with a large collection of proprietary results. Over the next three (3) years GeoMark will increase the size of this database by analyzing additional samples obtained by GeoMark, or contributed by participants. The final result, the WCSB Resource Play Atlas, will consist of interpreted maps of source rock potential integrated with maps of oil and gas fluid characterization and regional phase behavior trends. The completed WCSB Resource Play Atlas will provide a geochemical characterization and quantification of oil and gas potential in each studied horizon.

The WCSB Geochemical Database is divided into the following modules. The size of each of the current datasets is shown below, along with the anticipated size of each module in three years.

Module Current Three Years
Source Rock Analyses 35,000 37,000
Oil Analyses 162 500+
PVT Reports 394 850+
Gas Analyses (Composition Only) 6,000+ 10,000+
Gas Analyses (Carbon Isotopes) 112 300+

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Samples: See Chart Above

Timing: This Database was introduced July of 2015

Price: Subscription Cost of CAD $95,000 per year for a minimum of three (3) years

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